ConnectingUp Podcasts

The PodCast feed for the Connecting Up 2006 Conference – Hyatt Regency Adelaide, South Australia, May 1-2 2006 – is up and running. To subscribe to conference podcasts, tune your ‘PodCatcher’ software to: You can expect to hear a couple of pre-conference interviews with CISA CEO Doug Jacquier, at least two sessions from theContinue reading “ConnectingUp Podcasts”

small pieces in separate piles

I have been using delicious to tag certain web sites and articles that I think are interesting for ConnectingUp 2006 conference with the cu06 tag. I was hoping that over on that it would pick up on the cu06 tag and display it in the page showing my delicious bookmarks, or in fact anyContinue reading “small pieces in separate piles”

Saving Doug’s hair – What’s Web2.0 about?

Over at Doug Jacquier’s blog, Doug is “doodling and sctratching his head” trying to answer some questions posed to him from Jody Mahoney at Compumentor about Web2.0. This is what I think – he asked for it! I see two main things happening that what is termed Web2.0 is shaping and in turn, is shapingContinue reading “Saving Doug’s hair – What’s Web2.0 about?”

Subversive Accomodation

Came across this interesting site called CanICrash? – a (blogger) community for travellers! The idea is for bloggers to offer a couch/floor/bed or similar for any travelling bloggers to stay at. Crossed my mind could be handy for ConnectingUp2006 Conference. This would offer anybody who is a blogger coming to CU a place to stay.Continue reading “Subversive Accomodation”

Technorati & ConnectingUp

Further to my previous post, Technorati now has a Tag for ConnetingUp2006. You can plug this feed address into your RSS reader : I’ve also created a category here on my blog for all connectingup2006 posts, so you can choose that from under the categories on my blog web site. Technorati Tag for cu06Continue reading “Technorati & ConnectingUp”