Audio from #cua09 – Mike Seyfang

Download audio The Social Web (Web 2.0 and beyond) A brief tour of social networking tools with a view to developing strategies, plans and techniques for participating in online conversation with your stakeholders. Building on the ClueTrain assertion that “markets are conversations”, and taking cues from face to face conversation in “real life” we willContinue reading “Audio from #cua09 – Mike Seyfang”

watching #cua09

watching #cua09.png Originally uploaded by dnwallace I’ve been watching the info coming out of Sydney from the ConnectingUp Conference (or, not coming out, with the connection probs they’ve been having). This image shows the state of my screen as I was following stuff. Interestingly I heard Mike talk about me spending a lot of timeContinue reading “watching #cua09”

Keynote audio from #cua09 – Allen Gunn

Mike (@fang) prompted meto get some audio from his qik recording of the ConnectingUp 2009 Conference. This is from Allen Gunn, (Gunner) Executive Director of Aspiration. Download audio Note: this is audio taken from a qik video taken with a mobile phone and stitched together with whatever source available so is not complete … audioContinue reading “Keynote audio from #cua09 – Allen Gunn”

ConnectingUp 2008 yahoo pipe feed

Seeing I won’t be there I’ve created a yahoo pipe to track activity at ConnectingUp 2008 Conference.I’m using the tag ‘cu08’ and as suggested by @kanter following the #cu08 hashtag for twitter.Feed published at this link here.

Welcome to Australia Beth

Was tracking Beth Kanter‘s journey via Skype, Twitter Qik on her way to ConnectingUp 2008 Conference in Brisbane. Followed a Twitter on Sat afternoon that she was streaming live on Qik – unfortunately she quickly experienced the bottleneck that exists to any serious entry of Australia participating the Information Economy – our network access. ClickContinue reading “Welcome to Australia Beth”

The Fourth Platform clarified – the Social Sector

Over on her blog, Laurel does as brilliant job of expanding on a very important penny that was dropped and jelled at the Connecting Up Conference earlier in the week. It’s reflected in the comment I jotted down here while liveblogging. During his keynote, Daniel Ben-Horin from Compumentor made reference to the emergence of aContinue reading “The Fourth Platform clarified – the Social Sector”

Australian Broadband – View from both sides of Government.

Live blogging from the CU07 conference. Here’s notes from first couple keynotes from both sides of Government. It’s all as I heard it – ymmv. Senator Helen Coonan – Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (LIB) Internet (broadband) – The fifth utility Opposes ALP ‘fibre to the node’ Telstra G9 (Optus led) Won’tContinue reading “Australian Broadband – View from both sides of Government.”