Beetroot in Subway – are Subway now gonna charge extra?

Some recent comments on my Bring Beetroot Back to Subway meme so thought I’d update you all. Jim loves Subway but not Beetroot. I love subway but beetroot sux. its messy and i hate it in my subway. adelaide has beetroot and never got rid of it but i wont be upset if it goesContinue reading “Beetroot in Subway – are Subway now gonna charge extra?”

Do Subway have a Clue about Beetroot?

Is Subway supressing customer feedback? New Domain: I was contacted off blog and alerted to the fact that Beetroot still wasn’t back on the menu in other Australian states, even though it has returned in South Australia. My source commented that there was a “fight internally” going on within the global food franchise toContinue reading “Do Subway have a Clue about Beetroot?”

Beetroot is a safety hazard!

Had to warn everybody….. I’ve got the ‘inside goss’ as to why Beetroot and pineapple disappeared from Subway’s menus … it’s a SAFETY issue! Over at my Bring Beetroot Back guestbook, Sarah says: look i work at subway, beetroot left because it was a safety hazard it not only spreads germs but is easily slippedContinue reading “Beetroot is a safety hazard!”

the isthmus principle

a friend sent me some more information about that ingredient subway insist on leaving off their menu – beetroot. in a column of ‘the peninsula’ magazine, titled ‘the truth about food’ – “Beta vulgaris: the common, vulgar beetroot, has been adopted by Australians as national food. People from other countries are always surprised to findContinue reading “the isthmus principle”

i’ll gladly pay you tuesday

the age of the quality burger may soon pass … such is the lament over at the sydney morning herald. what’s going on? why should someone be contemplating such a dire prediction? yes, it’s all about the ‘missing ingedient’ – beetroot Kiriaki Orfanos sound a warning in the article that the absence of beetroot couldContinue reading “i’ll gladly pay you tuesday”