In January there was a recent update to the WCAG that introduced some changes in what’s expected of you as a developer to make your web content accessible. The majority of these are fairly obvious and straightforward, with some nice additions that enhance accessibility on smaller hand-held devices. Criterion Conformance Level 1.3.4 Identify Common Purpose AA 1.3.5Continue reading “NEW FEATURES IN WEB CONTENT ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES 2.1 AND WHAT YOU NEED TO DO”

Accessibility: Usability for all | Interaction Design Foundation

Let’s examine a topic we often take for granted to understand what it’s really about. Doing so, you’ll be able to proceed with a broader appreciation of how users engage your designs. … A design is only useful if it’s accessible to the user: any user, anywhere, anytime. We often mistake the concept of accessibility as involving people with disabilities. However, we’re all disabledContinue reading “Accessibility: Usability for all | Interaction Design Foundation”

Accessible Dynamic Links

Although hyperlinks are the soul of the World Wide Web, it’s worth using them in moderation. Too many links becomes a barrier for visitors navigating their way through a page. This difficulty is multiplied when the visitor is using assistive technology, or is using a keyboard; being able to skip over a block of linksContinue reading “Accessible Dynamic Links”

Accessibility Through Semantic HTML ◆ 24 ways

Working on Better, a tracker blocker, I spend an awful lot of my time with my nose in other people’s page sources. I’m mostly there looking for harmful tracking scripts, but often notice the HTML on some of the world’s most popular sites is in a sad state of neglect. What does neglected HTML look like?Continue reading “Accessibility Through Semantic HTML ◆ 24 ways”

Website Design: Inclusive Experiences Part 1 Visual: Colours and shapes

Why is accessibility important? In order for the consumer to have an overall positive experience, it is strongly recommended that your project is designed to be inclusive. If the right accessibility isn’t in place, it could exclude consumers who may struggle or even be unable to interact with the project. The information that will be covered inContinue reading “Website Design: Inclusive Experiences Part 1 Visual: Colours and shapes”

Web Accessibility Testing Tools: The Practical Role of Automated Checkers

With the proliferation of actions taken against organizations with websites and web applications that are not perceivable and usable by someone with a vision, hearing, mobility and/or cognitive disabilities, it is only natural that institutions would respond by seeking out automated testing tools that can scan an entire web-based experience and report accessibility issues.  AtContinue reading “Web Accessibility Testing Tools: The Practical Role of Automated Checkers”

What Does Inclusive Design Mean?

Why is accessibilty seen as an after-thought, or at worst an expense to help a handful of disadvantaged people? Have you ever tried using a website or app on your smartphone whilst riding a bus when the sun is streaming through the window? You probably have. How did that work out for you? … …theContinue reading “What Does Inclusive Design Mean?”

UI Options 

UI OptionsObjectiveEasily add UI Options to your website. Add a simple separated-panel preferences editor to any page.DescriptionUI Options adds a simple preferences editor dialog with a set of six panels in a collapsible panel at the top of the page, accessible through a button in the upper right corner of the page. Curated by (Lifekludger)Continue reading “UI Options “