New cards extend banking options for vision-impaired customers

For NSW teenager Connor McLeod, who is blind, using an automated teller machine on his own has not been possible until now. … curated by (Lifekludger) Read full article at Source: New cards extend banking options for vision-impaired customers

The Section 508 Refresh is Here! 

We’re excited to announce that the U.S. Access Board has published its long-awaited update(link is external) to the federal regulations covering the accessibility of information and communications technology (Section 508) and telecommunications products and services (Section 255). What are Section 508 and Section 255? Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 applies to federal government agenciesContinue reading “The Section 508 Refresh is Here! “

Meet the Blind Man Who Convinced Google Its Self-Driving Car Is Finally Ready

Steve Mahan’s solo ride showed it’s time to take the car to market. Now 63 and having lost his sight, Mahan has become one of those capsule-bound explorers. In October 2015, he became the first member of the public to ride in Google’s self-driving pod-like prototype, alone and on public roads. No steering wheel, noContinue reading “Meet the Blind Man Who Convinced Google Its Self-Driving Car Is Finally Ready”

Building Accessibility Culture by David Peter | Model View Culture

  The world we live in perpetuates many kinds of ableism all the time. Fixing (“changing”) the world doesn’t rest on a single axis, or even three, but we can reduce injustice by making our websites and workplaces accessible for people with disabilities. Building Accessible Websites and Products The Internet is often touted as aContinue reading “Building Accessibility Culture by David Peter | Model View Culture”

Accessibility advocates tweet their barriers | Toronto Star

Disability advocates are hoping social-media campaigns will publicly shame organizations into taking action on accessibility. Tim Rose made headlines this month when he posted on Facebook about his harrowing back-and-forth with Air Canada, who refused to let him take a direct flight from Toronto to Cleveland because they said his wheelchair was too big toContinue reading “Accessibility advocates tweet their barriers | Toronto Star”

The inaccessible web: how we got into this mess

Compared to other public spaces, the internet provides us with choices for how we consume and interact. We can use various devices, browsers and operating systems; we can change the size and colour of text; we can navigate with a mouse, keyboard, finger or mouthpiece; or we can use a screen reader to convert wordsContinue reading “The inaccessible web: how we got into this mess”

NY Slant – Uber and Accessibility

Amid Uber’s rapid unregulated expansion, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and nine other urban mayors have wisely chosen to develop a global rulebook to confront economic and social challenges of the sharing economy. This new coalition has a prime opportunity to finally end Uber’s discrimination against wheelchair users in New York and acrossContinue reading “NY Slant – Uber and Accessibility”

We’re just temporarily abled: Designing for the future – InVision Blog

We need to design for accessibility not only for folks who are permanently visually impaired, hard of hearing, or have severe motor issues right now, but also for our future selves. … Design for the future you With each passing birthday, our vision is starting to go. Eventually our hearing will start to go andContinue reading “We’re just temporarily abled: Designing for the future – InVision Blog”

Advocate Moves Needle on Website Accessibility – Education Week

Every year, thousands of complaints flow into the office tasked with investigating disability discrimination for the U.S. Department of Education. This year, Marcie Lipsitt, a special education advocate from Michigan, has been responsible for about 500 of those complaints—and counting. Lipsitt’s focus is on the websites of school districts and other educational institutions, which sheContinue reading “Advocate Moves Needle on Website Accessibility – Education Week”