Ford’s ‘Feel The View’ prototype aims to help visually impaired people ‘see’ outside cars

… Developed in collaboration with visual impairment specialist Aedo and GTB Roma in Italy, Feel The View is a unique device that uses a range of hardware to relay vibrations on a car’s windows. These vibrations effectively relay Braille-like feedback of the scenery outside the car, hence enabling the visually challenged individuals to ‘see’. ThisContinue reading “Ford’s ‘Feel The View’ prototype aims to help visually impaired people ‘see’ outside cars”

Microsoft commits $25M to its AI for Accessibility program

… Over the course of the last few years, large parts of the company have dedicated themselves to building tools that enable people with disabilities and mental health conditions to do more. Today, the company announced that it is putting more money behind these efforts through its $25 million, five-year AI for Accessibility project. “Around theContinue reading “Microsoft commits $25M to its AI for Accessibility program”

Conversation about Accessibility w/ Tim Cook of Apple | #GAAD

This week I sat down with CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, to discuss topics around Accessibility. May 18th, 2017 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day to promote inclusion when it comes to creating products, content, or experiences for everyone. … I’ve seen Tim’s speech in the past where he brought up accessibility as a human right.Continue reading “Conversation about Accessibility w/ Tim Cook of Apple | #GAAD”

Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day 

At Microsoft, we want to empower every person and every organization to achieve more. We deeply believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential and we can help by empowering all people, regardless of their abilities. Global Accessibility Awareness Day gives us the chance to celebrate our differences and reflect on the waysContinue reading “Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day “

Reimagine accessibility 

“Empower Every Person: Reimagining Accessibility,” a 30-minute film in celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. … … Discover practical ways to build a more inclusive environment and how accessible technologies such as Microsoft 365 enable everyone to create, communicate and collaborate. Hear from Microsoft accessibility leaders and our partners: US Business Leadership Network, Be. Accessible,Continue reading “Reimagine accessibility “

Tips For Conducting Usability Studies With Participants With Disabilities

Over the last few years, I ran several usability studies with participants with various disabilities. I thought it would help others if I shared some of my experiences. In this article, I provide lessons learned or tips to consider in planning and executing usability testing with participants with disabilities. The lessons learned are divided intoContinue reading “Tips For Conducting Usability Studies With Participants With Disabilities”

Age and Ability

In the United States, the Revised Section 508 Standards went into effect on January 18, 2018, a year after the U.S. Access Board published the final rule of the updated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards and Guidelines. The Revised 508 Standards, and the accompanying updates to Section 255 of the Communications Act, have transformedContinue reading “Age and Ability”

African Designer Creates Clothing To Aid The Visually Impaired

… Clothes, most of which are designed for the average person, are visual objects. South African designer Balini Naidoo has an answer to this problem: Clothing that looks great from afar but also communicates meaning when touched. The clothes are mostly done in plain and neutral colors so that pieces easily work well with each other. Using embroidery,Continue reading “African Designer Creates Clothing To Aid The Visually Impaired”