Closed Captioning Gives Literacy a Boost – Education Week

Sometimes I turn on my TV and the closed-captioning feature has been activated. I can’t find the button to turn it off, so I think: It won’t distract me. And yet, I usually find it impossible to ignore. It turns out that reading same-language subtitles while listening to the same words on screen is aContinue reading “Closed Captioning Gives Literacy a Boost – Education Week”

Two New Smartwatch Apps Aim to Help the Visually Impaired

A new pair of watch apps from pharmaceutical company Novartis has been launched with the intent of helping the visually impaired. The first app, Via Opta Nav, provides turn-by-turn navigation in the manner of Google Maps or Waze, but directions are provided with both voice directions and with haptic feedback. The second app, only availableContinue reading “Two New Smartwatch Apps Aim to Help the Visually Impaired”

Designing for Non-Native Speakers

… Some curious facts emerge when you compare the languages most sites use, versus the languages most internet users speak. While around half of all web pages are in English, only about 28 percent of the people using the internet speak English as a first language. Interesting, right? There are billions of people who useContinue reading “Designing for Non-Native Speakers”

IBM Research: Inclusive Technology is the New “IT”

IBM is collaborating with Freedom Scientific to offer organizations a complete portfolio of enterprise accessibility training and eLearning to ensure that all employees – designers, developers, testers, quality assurance, and program managers – are following best practices in accessibility and are educated on current regulations and industry standards. … For more information on the IBMContinue reading “IBM Research: Inclusive Technology is the New “IT””

Making Word, PowerPoint, Excel & PDF Documents Accessible

Web accessibility means committing to making your website accessible to all users, regardless of their physical or sensory ability. But inclusive design extends beyond your website. To be truly accessible, any documents provided as links to download must also be accessible. This is often overlooked on university websites and online courses, which must comply withContinue reading “Making Word, PowerPoint, Excel & PDF Documents Accessible”

Accessibility and Apple Watch apps | Macworld

From an accessibility standpoint, the Apple Watch’s screen is just too small for me to get a lot from apps. As someone with low vision, I try to minimize my interaction with the watch; I don’t want to spend much time looking at the screen for fear of increased eye strain and fatigue. … TheContinue reading “Accessibility and Apple Watch apps | Macworld”

3 lessons from developers who have embraced assistive technology

Today, we have apps that can help the blind see, give words to those who can’t speak and enable independence for people who would otherwise be forced to rely on others. To celebrate these advancements, Apple debuted a new collection in iTunes Thursday, highlighting apps that take advantage of accessibility features on iOS devices. TheContinue reading “3 lessons from developers who have embraced assistive technology”

10 Guidelines for High-Quality Alt Text

According to many sets of accessibility regulations and guidelines, including the US Section 508, and the W3C’s WCAG 2.0, image elements on web pages must have text equivalents to be considered accessible. This is accomplished by specifying alt text for the image. (curated by Lifekludger from 10 Guidelines for High-Quality Alt Text) Complete article atContinue reading “10 Guidelines for High-Quality Alt Text”

Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo And Others Push For Accessibility Development – ReadWrite

  ReadWrite Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo And Others Push For Accessibility Development ReadWrite As the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) approaches, a new group has formed to champion the cause of development for accessibility. Several educators and tech companies have joined forces in an effort dubbed Teaching … … (curated by Lifekludger) CompleteContinue reading “Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo And Others Push For Accessibility Development – ReadWrite”