Accessibility vs emojis. At an emojis best, they can add fun and… | UX Collective

Emojis can be read aloud to users with the power of screen readers. If emojis are used right, they can still convey all of the emotion and context intended, despite not being visible. Before we can determine how to best use emojis, let’s figure out what emojis “look” like to screen readers. Accessibility vs emojis.Continue reading “Accessibility vs emojis. At an emojis best, they can add fun and… | UX Collective”

ING open sources Lion: A library of performant, accessible & flexible Web Components

Lion aims to make your life a little bit easier, by taking the groundwork of feature complete, accessible, performant, and framework agnostic components out of your hands! Check out the repo at ing-bank/lion. As some of you may already know, ING has a long and rich history of building Web Components, starting out with the PolymerContinue reading “ING open sources Lion: A library of performant, accessible & flexible Web Components”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Accessibility and AI

For over 30 years I’ve believed and said people living with disability stand to benefit the most from technology as a tool. So good to see Accessibility being thought, talked about and more inportantly actioned at high levels in companies. Clip from a video by Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) on Youtube. Dave – Lifekludger

Designing Accessible Experiences at Scale

When we talk about scale, we think about systems, organizational patterns, and ways to optimize design. We want to make it easy for everyone who works in product to contribute. Most organizations use a single source of truth to organize components known as a design system. Design systems are the secret sauce to scale andContinue reading “Designing Accessible Experiences at Scale”

CSS Lists, Markers, And Counters

There is more to styling lists in CSS than you might think. In this article, Rachel starts by looking at lists in CSS, and moving onto some interesting features defined in the CSS Lists specification — markers and counters.   Lists in CSS have particular properties which give us the standard list styling we expect.Continue reading “CSS Lists, Markers, And Counters”

Do your web pages pass these 10 quality tests?

How do you know if your web content is great? Check your pages against these 10 golden tests for quality web content. If your web team needs a set of principles to guide decisions on what content can go on your site, we recommend this checklist as your starting point. 1. The 3-second test CanContinue reading “Do your web pages pass these 10 quality tests?”

RT @goodwitch: OMG! Creatability is mind blowing. AI, art, music, #a11y I’m in love!

OMG! Creatability is mind blowing. AI, art, music, #a11y I’m in love! — Glenda Sims (@goodwitch) October 26, 2018 from Twitter

Bad Practices on Birthdate Form Fields

Asking users for their birthdate on a form is complicated. Birthdates have formats that vary depending on the country and they consist of three separate data strings. It’s easy to confuse and frustrate users if the birthdate field doesn’t use simple controls and isn’t in a clear format. … The Clear and Easy Way WritingContinue reading “Bad Practices on Birthdate Form Fields”

Reprogrammable braille could shrink books to a few pages

                      Harvard’s concept for reprogrammable braille Braille displays have made the digital world more accessible to those with vision issues, but readers who prefer the portability of a book haven’t had that upgrade. Even a typical book might require over a dozen volumes of braille paper,Continue reading “Reprogrammable braille could shrink books to a few pages”