An Introduction to the Reduced Motion Media Query | CSS-Tricks

A brief history of Reduced Motion When it was released in 2013, iOS 7 featured a dramatic reworking of the operating system’s visuals. Changes included translucency and blurring, a more simplified “flat” user interface, and dramatic motion effects such as full-screen zooming and panning. While the new look was largely accepted, some people using theContinue reading “An Introduction to the Reduced Motion Media Query | CSS-Tricks”

ARIA Labels and Relationships  |  Web  | Google Developers

Labels ARIA provides several mechanisms for adding labels and descriptions to elements. In fact, ARIA is the only way to add accessible help or description text. Let’s look at the properties ARIA uses to create accessible labels. aria-label aria-label allows us to specify a string to be used as the accessible label. This overrides any otherContinue reading “ARIA Labels and Relationships  |  Web  | Google Developers”

At this month’s WWDC, Apple unveiled refined accessibility tools

… …for all the focus on refinement, there also is a cavalcade of new stuff to be excited about. As it pertains to accessibility, some obvious highlights for me are the 10.5” iPad Pro and the corresponding iPad-centric enhancements in iOS 11. I’m also psyched for smaller niceties too, such as the ability to automatically enter Reader View in SafariContinue reading “At this month’s WWDC, Apple unveiled refined accessibility tools”

Microsoft app that tells the visually impaired what’s in front of them

This free app is helping the visually impaired  Thursday, 13 Jul 2017 | 8:39 AM ET | 01:36 Microsoft is putting its artificial intelligence technology to work to help the visually impaired. The company said on Wednesday that it’s releasing an iOS app called Seeing AI that uses an iPhone’s camera to tell people about objects in frontContinue reading “Microsoft app that tells the visually impaired what’s in front of them”

Learn How to Use ChromeVox Next Screen Reader [Videos]

www­.lireo­.com – When Chrome 56 was released in January 2017, people were excited with the new features, including:   One of the new features I think many people may have overlooked in Chrome 56 was the new ChromeVox… Key Takeaways from the Videos Turn on (and off) ChromeVox Next by holding down the CTRL +Continue reading “Learn How to Use ChromeVox Next Screen Reader [Videos]”

The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience 

User Experience (UX) is critical to the success or failure of a product in the market but what do we mean by UX? All too often UX is confused with usability which describes to some extent how easy a product is to use and it is true that UX as a discipline began with usabilityContinue reading “The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience “

Airpoly Vision us a Truly Visionary App

‘Aipoly Vision’ is a very useful object-and-colour recogniser app that helps the blind, vision-impaired, and colour blind to understand their surroundings. It does so by using artificial intelligence to recognise objects through a device’s camera and then announces the name of each object to the user. … The Aipoly(link is external) developers are on aContinue reading “Airpoly Vision us a Truly Visionary App”

How a Smart Home Empowers People with Disabilities

… While advances in personal technology continue at a rapid pace, at times their designers seem to forget about the population that could perhaps benefit from it the most. Stabelfeldt says just the ability to charge a phone with a wheelchair didn’t even exist until a few years ago. But features like Apple’s “Home” appContinue reading “How a Smart Home Empowers People with Disabilities”

JAWS screen reader gets more bight

Freedom Scientific has recently released JAWS 18.0.2738, which incorporates several important improvements made between the JAWS February 2017 release and this mid April 2017 update, plus dozens of less revolutionary but very practical enhancements. JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is the world’s most popular screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents themContinue reading “JAWS screen reader gets more bight”