Operating System and Browser Accessibility Display Modes – The A11Y Project

Most computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and web browsers have specialized tools to help people read and take action on the content they display. Some of these tools are display modes, which are pre-defined display configurations you can tell your device to use. Five such modes are Dark Mode, Increased Contrast Mode, Inverted Colors Mode, ReducedContinue reading “Operating System and Browser Accessibility Display Modes – The A11Y Project”

Digital accessibility for digital teams: a role by role guide | Perkins Access

No matter your role, you can help your organization prioritize and implement digital accessibility. Digital accessibility makes good economic sense. People with disabilities, and their friends and families, spend $1.2 trillion a year. Clearly, they’re more likely to spend their money on digital platforms they can navigate successfully. Plus, businesses with inaccessible digital experiences areContinue reading “Digital accessibility for digital teams: a role by role guide | Perkins Access”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Accessibility and AI

For over 30 years I’ve believed and said people living with disability stand to benefit the most from technology as a tool. So good to see Accessibility being thought, talked about and more inportantly actioned at high levels in companies. Clip from a video by Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) on Youtube. Dave – Lifekludger

How SEO has made the web more accessible for everyone

How SEO has made the web more accessible for everyoneSearch engines like Google are dependent on the same accessibility attributes that many people depend on to comprehend and navigate sites. Search engine optimizers have unwittingly made the web more accessible, and they are in the best position to make it even better. … Curated byContinue reading “How SEO has made the web more accessible for everyone”

Apple’s Voice Control in iOS13 is the real deal

A friend on Twitter asked my impressions on Voice Control. That prompted me to finally install iOS13 and give it a go. I am very enthused by the result. Voice Control acts just like most Apple products do – they do what they say and they show thought and attention to detail. It’s a gameContinue reading “Apple’s Voice Control in iOS13 is the real deal”

Making Audio and Video Media Accessible

via: Web AccessibilityInitiative Summary Accessible audio and video is essential for people with disabilities, and benefits organizations. Depending on the content of your media, it might need captions/subtitles (a text version of the audio that is shown synchronized in the media player), a transcript (a separate text version of the audio), audio description of visual information (usually an additional audio streamContinue reading “Making Audio and Video Media Accessible”