the isthmus principle

a friend sent me some more information about that ingredient subway insist on leaving off their menu – beetroot. in a column of ‘the peninsula’ magazine, titled ‘the truth about food’ – “Beta vulgaris: the common, vulgar beetroot, has been adopted by Australians as national food. People from other countries are always surprised to findContinue reading “the isthmus principle”

i’ll gladly pay you tuesday

the age of the quality burger may soon pass … such is the lament over at the sydney morning herald. what’s going on? why should someone be contemplating such a dire prediction? yes, it’s all about the ‘missing ingedient’ – beetroot Kiriaki Orfanos sound a warning in the article that the absence of beetroot couldContinue reading “i’ll gladly pay you tuesday”


while mike’s been watching google news for what’s happening at glenelg, i’ve had my eyes on a rss feed from google news on disability happenings in australia. it’s a good way to glean news items that might be relevant for inclusion on our enablenet website. we provide a rss feed ourselves of news items thatContinue reading “deka”

the dots are coming together

i’ve always viewed computers and technology as a tool. especially from the time i acquired my disability. before that point in time computers hadn’t crossed my path much and technology i didn’t much think of in any terms other than a tv and a (beta) vcr. but being from a mechanical background, tools i knew!Continue reading “the dots are coming together”