Do your web pages pass these 10 quality tests?

How do you know if your web content is great?

Check your pages against these 10 golden tests for quality web content.

If your web team needs a set of principles to guide decisions on what content can go on your site, we recommend this checklist as your starting point.

1. The 3-second test Can people get the gist of this page in 3 seconds, without scrolling or reading every word?

2. The serenity test Does the content of the page look well organized, calm and orderly?

3. The tip-top test Is the essential information at the top of the page in the headline and first paragraph?

4. The identity test Is it obvious who owns this content? Is the owner’s location obvious in the content (not just the logo or banner)? Is your organisation the rightful content owner and subject authority, or is it better to link to other authoritative sites?

5. The plain language test Are the words familiar and easily understood? Are sentences 20 words or fewer? Are paragraphs 65 words or fewer?

6. The so what? test Can your target audience instantly see the relevance of the content to their own needs and situation? Does content use the word you, speaking directly to the reader.

7. The action test Can readers see how to take the next logical action online? Are links useful to the reader? Are links conveniently placed?

8. The accessibility test Can all readers get the information from this page, regardless of their physical abilities, computer, browser or systems? Are all images useful and clear? Do all images have alternative text?

9. The yeah right! test Will readers trust this information? Is it obviously up to date? Does the content seem expert and reliable? Is it easy to contact the owners?

10. The free-standing test Does the content of this page make sense out of context? Does it make sense even if it is the first page on your site that a person visits? Does it make sense without your logo? Would the page headline and first paragraph make good sense in search results?

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