10 Ways to Improve Accessibility on Websites and Social Media -rtp

Here it is!

1. Use Semantic HTML.


2. Write Short Paragraphs and Short Sentences.

3. Explain Acronyms and Abbreviations on First Use.


4. Add Alternative Text to Your Images.


6. Write Descriptive Text for Your Links.


7. Increase Color Contrast


8. Add Captions to Your Videos.


9. Add Transcripts to Your Podcasts.

10. Add Alt Text to Facebook and Twitter Images.

Here’s my post on how to add alt text to your Facebook photos.

11. Bonus! Additional Tips for Social Media.

Yes, a bonus tip!

I couldn’t finish this post without including a great resource from my colleague Jennie Delisi who works at Minnesota Information Technology Services Office of Accessibility.

Their online reference for social media posting includes helpful advice on:

  • Using CamelCase for hashtags (Example: #DetroitJazz instead of #detroitjazz)

  • Adding links near the end of the post

  • Adding or to designate a link to multimedia

Curated by (Lifekludger)
Read full article at Source: 10 Ways to Improve Accessibility on Websites and Social Media

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