My response to yet another survey – Is your train station accessible? – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

So.. ABC are running a survey on accessible train stations.

If you’re a wheelchair user or care for someone in one, maybe you’re a parent using a pram or you just have trouble with stairs, take our survey and tell us your experience using your local train network.

Source: Is your train station accessible? We want to hear from you – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Well, ABC, here’s your response.

This survey is flawed.

The problem needs to be tackled as as a complete journey, not Stations access and Trains access.

I find the stations physically acessible and the trains once inside accomadate physically for space, however acces to the train relies upon an attendant and access to the station call button inside the trains are inaccessable due to guards being put in place to prevent bikeriiders and other non-disabled people accidently pressing them.

So I could argue that a station is inaccessible in that it’s design doesn’t allow unattended entrance and egress from the train. But others will argue that’s the train design fault.

More tokenism around access.

I’m tired filling out surveys and making complaints that do nothing.

Like this one – If you don’t fight, you lose – from June last year!


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