WebAIM: Constructing a POUR Website – Putting People at the Center of the Process

Motivations to Create Accessible Web Content

There are at least three main kinds of reasons that might motivate people to create accessible web content:

  1. To improve the lives of people with disabilities (human-centered motivations)
  2. To capitalize on the a wider audience or consumer base (marketing or economic-centered motivations)
  3. To avoid lawsuits and/or bad press (public relations and punishment-centered motivations)

All of these can be good reasons. Accessible web sites will accomplish all of these goals. The motivations are listed in order of most altruistic to least altruistic, but as long as the web site is accessible in the end, perhaps it does not matter what the developers’ motivations were to begin with.

No matter which motivation works for a particular developer, one principle will always hold true: web accessibility is most easily achieved when people are at the center of the process. Even those who are simply trying to avoid lawsuits will sooner or later realize that the needs of the target audience—people with disabilities—must be carefully considered and addressed.

  • Understanding the user’s perspective and needs
  • Moving beyond technical accessibility
  • Focusing on the principles of accessibility

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