How to Add Alternative Text to Facebook Photos

The news about adding alternative text to Facebook images wasn’t announced in the same way as the news that Twitter added the alternative text feature for images a couple of years ago. …

What is Alternative Text? Alternative text, also known as alt text, lets you add text descriptions to photos, diagrams, and illustrations. It provides more information about the function and content of images.

How to Add Alternative Text to Photos You Post on Facebook

Assuming you have logged into Facebook on the desktop, here’s how to add alternative text to your photos.

  1. Select Photo/Video at the top of your News Feed or timeline
  2. Select the photo you want to add
  3. Select Edit Photo (you may need to hover over the photo)
  4. In the photo editing options, select Alt Text
    Facebook edit photo options
  5. Select Override generated alt text
    Edit photo options in Facebook
  6. Add your own descriptive alt text in the box.
    Note: Facebook will warn you when you have gone over 100 characters
    Override autogenerated alt text
  7. Select Save

From what I discovered, there’s no option on the Facebook mobile app to add alt text to photos you upload.

However, once you’ve posted an image, you can log in to Facebook on desktop, edit the post, and follow steps 3 to 7 to add alt text.


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