Microsoft commits $25M to its AI for Accessibility program

… Over the course of the last few years, large parts of the company have dedicated themselves to building tools that enable people with disabilities and mental health conditions to do more. Today, the company announced that it is putting more money behind these efforts through its $25 million, five-year AI for Accessibility project.

“Around the world, only one in 10 people with disabilities has access to assistive technologies and products,” Microsoft president Brad Smith writes in today’s announcement. …

… AI for Accessibility aims to provide seed grants to developers, universities, inventors and NGOs. The focus of their projects needs to be on “creating solutions that will create new opportunities and assist people with disabilities with work, life, and human connections.” Then, the company will take the projects that show the most promise and connect their teams with its own experts to help them scale.

In addition to all of this, Microsoft also pledges to bring inclusive design to its products.

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Read full article at Source: Microsoft commits $25M to its AI for Accessibility program | TechCrunch

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