The Writer’s Guide to Making Accessible Web Content

Left-handed people are surrounded by items that aren’t designed for them. Scissors, golf clubs, desks, video game controllers: it’s a right-hander’s world, and it’s annoying that they don’t take your needs into account.

But imagine moving from annoyed to frustrated, because a product is completely unusable. That’s what it feels like to use the Internet if you have a disability. What acts as a small speed bump for some can feel like a mountain to those with disabilities.

“But what can I do?” you ask. “Accessibility has to be designed and coded.”

True. But it doesn’t stop there. Accessibility is about your image alt text, header design, closed captioning, and other little things that anyone can add to their blog posts, websites, and videos. It’ll make your content more accessible, for everyone—even search engines.

Here’s how you can play a role in making the web a more accessible place, and optimize your content for everyone.

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