Newest Browsers Vivaldi and Brave Missing Key Feature

Two former big bosses of popular browsers are at it again, taking the helm of new browsers.

Brendan Eich, literal father of JavaScript, and former co-founder of Mozilla, has recently released Brave, a new browser aimed at increasing privacy and security for its users.

Similarly Jon von Tetzchner, former co-founder of the Opera Browser, just released his new browser Vivaldi, which is supposed to be made for power users, or users that expect a lot of customization. It is described as having so many features that extensions/ plugins are not required.

… Unfortunately, these browser are also not accessible to screen reader users. At least in my personal quick tests. If I am wrong, please correct me.

I tried both browsers with VoiceOver on MAC and with NVDA on Win 7. Other than announcing the window, not much else was possible in either.

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Read full article at Source: Newest Browsers Vivaldi and Brave Missing Key Feature – Unfettered Thoughts

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