Microsoft celebrates inclusive design with microsite and video – WinBeta

Inclusive design, or universal design, is an important part of the design world. The concept isn’t often enough given focus compared to other disciplines, despite the importance of its application in everyday life to making products accessible to anyone. Microsoft, whose products are used by billions around the world, are of course familiar with the principles of inclusive design, and the company’s Design department has recently made a microsite, along with a short documentary to celebrate this design discipline.Inclusive design is all about breaking down the barriers to products and experiences,

Microsoft itself of course gets a mention with perhaps their most universal product to date: Skype Translator, which is universal because it breaks down the biggest barrier between human interactions across different nations and culture, language. The sci-fi-like feature was shown to enable students in Seattle in the U.S. to converse normally with their Chinese counterparts half the world over, each in their natural tongue.

Going further than just bridging the language gap, Skype Translator is also shown to help students with hearing disabilities integrating into a normal classroom environment by translating speeches into text for reading.

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Read full article at Source: Microsoft celebrates inclusive design with microsite and video – WinBeta

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