Accessibility 101 – 8 tips for a better user experience

As designers and developers we usually work with particular people in mind when creating something. This is our target end-user: someone with a certain set of goals, characteristics and motivations that will be accessing your services. Yet, even if you segment your users and consider usage scenarios for various behaviours, there are inherent qualities that, regardless, could apply to anyone: impairments and disabilities.

Hindering people’s access based upon circumstances beyond their control is the worst thing to do, even unintentionally. If you’ve never experienced any such setbacks yourself, it’s difficult to imagine quite how some things could be so useless for others.

Being accessible means ensuring your digital product is usable by people of all abilities. This should be a responsibility of everyone working in the industry; even having some basic knowledge of small usability improvements can be a big help.

This article is not at all exhaustive, but aims to show a few ways in which websites can be designed and developed with accessibility principles in mind.

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Read full article at Source: Accessibility 101 – 8 tips for a better user experience | Blonde Digital

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