Facebook Automated Captions Improve Accessibility, Provide Additional Insights | Social Media Today

… Facebook announced the release of automatic alternative text – or automatic alt text – for images posted to Facebook. Automatic alt text uses object recognition technology to generate a description of a photo, processing each through Facebook’s artificial intelligence engine to establish image content.

At the time of launch, the team has focused the system on recognizing approximately 100 different concepts based on their prominence in Facebook photos as well as the accuracy of the visual recognition engine. “The current concepts, for example, cover people’s appearance (e.g., baby, eyeglasses, beard, smiling, jewelry), nature (outdoor, mountain, snow, sky), transportation (car, boat, airplane, bicycle), sports (tennis, swimming, stadium, baseball), and food (ice cream, pizza, dessert, coffee). And settings provided different sets of information about the image, including people (e.g., people count, smiling, child, baby), objects (car, building, tree, cloud, food), settings (inside restaurant, outdoor, nature), and other image properties (text, selfie, close-up).” Based on these parameters, the system’s able to provide highly accurate image results.

See more at: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/facebook-automated-captions-improve-accessibility-provide-additional-insights#sthash.joOC9qvd.dpuf

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