Making Meetings Accessible

The Basics

  • Introductions:When being introduced to people who have vision loss, say hello and wait for them to offer their hand to be shaken. When introducing yourself, simply say something like “Hi, my name is Kevin Jones. Great to meet you. Let’s shake hands.”
  • A Note About Guide Dogs:Do not pet a guide dog in harness, as tempting as this may be! Guide dogs are working animals and distracting them can be hazardous for the people they are guiding.

Before a Seminar:

If possible, find out before the meeting which format participants with vision loss prefer to read (large print, braille, electronic text, audio CD, etc.) and have all materials for the meeting available in that format.

During the seminar:

  • Introductions:Have everyone at the table introduce themselves, in the order they are seated, so that people with vision loss know who is at the table and where.
  • Written Material:Be prepared to read aloud any written information not made available in alternative formats, such as PowerPoint presentations. Read in a normal speaking voice, at a normal pace, without skipping any information.



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