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An extract of this article appears on Sitepoint called ‘Making Accessible Links: 15 Golden Rules for Developers‘.

Introduction – Links.

It’s a lot more than just avoiding “click here”. And, to my eternal shame, WCAG2 even allows “click here” as a valid technique for link text (see Example 1 in Technique G53). WCAG2 is all about providing context for the link – it doesn’t matter what the link text is, as long as it makes sense in conjunction with its heading, enclosing list item, enclosing paragraph, enclosing table cell or enclosing sentence. It’s only once you get up to Level AAA do you need to make sure the link text itself provides the appropriate contextual information.I disagree.

Screen reader users have limited ways to easily navigate and scan a page. One of the most common techniques is to pull out a list of links (and the link text only, no enclosing sentence, paragraph etc) and determine the content of the page and where to go from there. Alternatively, screen reader users scan a page by tabbing from link to link (without reading the text in-between). With a bunch of “Click here to download the annual report” and “More on boating”, these techniques are useless.Link text becomes a serious issue once you start talking about mobile and tablet sites. There are two well-known sets of guidelines with regards to mobile accessibility: the W3C Mobile Best Practices and the BBC’s Mobile Accessibility Guidelines.

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