Renewed push for improved web accessibility policy in the United States | Access iQ

Two separate calls for improved web accessibility of government websites in the United States are gaining momentum.

Campaigning to improve web accessibility in the United States has increased, with a recently published petition quickly gaining popularity, while politicians have requested that a review of government policy be completed so that further action can be taken.

Petition on White House website

A petition has been listed on the White House Petitions website calling for President Obama to take action on web accessibility policy, citing recent developments which indicate that regulations for non-government websites will not be released until 2018.“People with disabilities struggle to do everyday tasks such as banking, purchasing goods, and more,” the petition says.

The petition has been signed 1,100 times in its first two days of being published. In order to receive a formal response from the White House, it must be signed 100,000 times by Thursday 11 February.

Signed letter from US senators

Nine US senators have contacted the Office of Management and Budget to complete a review of an Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making (ANPRM), in order to clarify whether websites and other forms of technology are included under titles in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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