Articulating and Advocating for Accessibility by Matt May | Model View Culture


Tech workers should be advocating for accessibility – how to get started and what to expect. by Matt May on June 9th, 2014 I have one technical specialty to speak of: building systems and processes that make technology easier for people with disabilities.

Most people in technology, surprisingly, don’t know what accessibility means. It’s either never come up, or it never actually caught their attention when it did. When I ask an average tech crowd how many have listened to a screen reader, I rarely see more than a quarter of the hands go up. It’s easy to write off that other 75% as being deliberately ignorant, but there are lots of potential reasons someone may not have been exposed to how people with disabilities use the web. We didn’t all learn the same things at the same time, and if you encounter someone who hasn’t learned what you understand, you are the person who can fix that.

What luck! Wouldn’t you hate going through life thinking how many times you could have made the difference to someone in their project, or career, or life?I’m an evangelist not for a product, but for a set of user scenarios that tend to be ignored. My goal is to ensure that people know about their role in enabling the broadest possible audience to enjoy what they produce.

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