Labeled With Love, From the Notebook of Aaron Gustafson

Labeled With Love by Aaron Gustafson

This is the first entry in the series Modern Web Form Best Practices. Forms exist on pretty much every site on the web in one form or another. They are the primary mechanism by which we gather information from our users.1 Of course, before anyone can fill out a form, they need to know what it’s asking for.

Labeling is key.A few months back, I relayed a story from Facebook about how important the wording of their questions was in getting accurate responses from their users. The words we choose are incredibly important—your interface is a conversation with your users. I highly recommend reading up on that (and listening to the Radiolab episode that spurred me to write it), but I’m going to spend the remainder of this post talking about the utilitarian aspects of labels and how to use them properly in your forms.

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