Design for Everyone Guide | Sport and Recreation Victoria

The guide is a resource that uses the principles of Universal Design to provide users with an understanding of how to apply the philosophy of Universal Design during the design and construction phases of a new building or the redevelopment of a current facility.

The concept of Universal Design is to simplify life for everyone by making the built environment more usable to as many users as possible.

It is separate from accessible design as Universal Design is based on the equitable use of a facility and social inclusion and not the measurement of accessible design features and meeting minimum legislative requirements.

Applied holistically to a building without an alternative for different groups, Universal Design addresses issues of having a different approach for different users, which not only improves and simplifies the way a facility is used but also eliminates user segregation to maximise participation by users of all abilities.

Curated by (Lifekludger)
Read full article at Source: Design for Everyone Guide | Sport and Recreation Victoria

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