How to expand your audience with Game Accessibility

We make games for others to enjoy. We want to reach the largest amounts of players possible within our target group. There are many decisions we can take in our design process to improve the feel of our game. We can invest time on the core mechanics, the aesthetics, and the sound design. All that is of great importance.

We want our games to keep the players in a mental state of flow as much as possible. Our games should try their best to keep the player immersed in its world. In other words, our role as designers is to provide a good user experience. That is the field of UX design. It is all about making our creations usable, enjoyable and accessible.

Those 3 components of UX design are deeply linked to one another. Your game will hardly be pleasant if its UI is hard to navigate, or if its rules are unclear or ever-changing. That both relates to usability and accessibility. As you guessed, we are going to focus on accessibility here, one of the 3 pillars of user experience design. Game accessibility is an emerging field of study that focuses on making games more accessible to all gamers. Disabled ones in particular.

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