How You’re Insulting 285,000,000 Accessibility Users

When we think about Website Accessibility people often think about responsive designs, there’s so much more. No longer are we able to design and create an incredible website with such ease – we used to just come up with a great looking design, as long as those colours worked and you had a navigation, heck people were happy! It’s only now we start to live by a philosophy that every user matters. That’s why now our focus has shifted into thinking about accessibility, or at least that’s what we should be thinking about.

Every user matters, not just the majority

Accessibility, in my view, is one of the leading factors that Web Designers and Front-End Developers need to be concentrating in. Governments, Schools, Businesses and people around the globe have all considered it for years, but it was slow off the mark when it came to the web. You may have noted that in the past, most websites just concentrated on design and appearance, it’s only with the rapid growth of UX Design that accessibility is a focus.


For the majority of us, we’re probably already doing half of these things without realizing it, only we just need to tweak our ways slightly to benefit not only ourselves, but those millions of disabled and impaired users too. Before we embark on our next project, it’s probably worth looking over the related Government Acts above, check their guidance and use it the best we can. Small adaptations in our thought process can help us build a better more accessible website.

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Read full article at Source: How You’re Insulting 285,000,000 Accessibility Users

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