Accessibility Shouldn’t Be a Mystery | edUi Conference

In the past several years, ensuring web content is accessible to people with disabilities has received a lot more attention than ever before. New regulations are coming out that align US government accessibility requirements with the guidelines established by the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative; courts are ruling that the Internet is a place of public accommodation and subject to accessibility laws; and most importantly, businesses and higher ed organizations are realizing that including people with disabilities is the right thing to do.

Yet what accessibility means to people with disabilities and the impact it can have once guidelines are followed can be a source of mystery for the general web public and for organizations that recognize the need to comply but are confused about exactly what to do.

I’d like to de-mystify this for you, and ensure you that accessibility is far less about specific disabilities and much more about general user experience best practices. But first, let’s get some terms straight.

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