IoT Innovations Offer Essential Benefits for People with Disabilities

Today, Internet-connected devices offer a similar potential to transform quality of life for many folks, particularly for people with disabilities.  These innovations are ushering in a new societal revolution, one in which anything (and everything) can be connected.

These connected devices, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), offer almost limitless potential for benefit, especially for older adults and people with disabilities.  This is also the subject of a new paper by G3ict titled “Internet of Things: New Promises for Persons with Disabilities,” which was developed with support from AT&T.

Recent developments in networks and devices are fueling new IoT innovations and applications.  According to the Gartner Group, the number of connected devices is set to explode, from 4.9 billion this year to 25 billion—or perhaps even 50 billion—by 2020.

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