Disability and accessibility – Does your organisation need an assisted user champion?

Is it necessary to have a disability champion at your organisation? While senior executives told CIO UK recently that Chief Information Officers have a responsibility to ensure internal and externally-facing technology is accessible to users with a disability who use a multitude of assistance software and called on IT vendors to build more accessibility into their systems, they said having a senior champion was not always the right strategy.

My job as champion is to ensure that these issues continue to be dealt with and the supporting processes are embedded as part of business as usual.”Once again, the more senior the champion the more helpful it is, as in my case for example, I can use my position to remind colleagues to be mindful of these issues at all tiers of the organisation. It’s not necessarily about campaigns or posters either – it’s about embedding it as part of everyone’s considerations on a day-to-day basis.”

… – I feel other CIOs would benefit from engaging in wider issues such as these.  It helps your own understanding of a user’s requirements.”

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Read full article at Source: Disability and accessibility – Does your organisation need an assisted user champion?

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