Innovative Web-based Accessibility Solutions Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments

global alliance on accessible technologies and environments logoJACK is an unprecedented 5-in-1 online accessibility suite comprised of turnkey desktop & mobile applications to meet core AODA legislative requirements in less than 1 hour. The software automates core compliance required by all Ontario businesses with 1 or more employees and includes AODA eTraining for staff and much more.

JACK is also a Customer Feedback process, Employment & Recruitment intake, Emergency & Public Safety Info, and Customer Service policies.

Its applications are practical for people of all abilities, something people with disabilities struggle with on a daily basis.

Trish uses a typical dining experience as an excellent example of what JACK can do beyond meeting AODA requirements. “For someone with a physical, visual, and/or an invisible disability, filling out a customer feedback card might not be possible.  With JACK™, a person would simply use their smartphone to scan a QR code on a tent card, menu, or any print sign for that matter to instantly provide their feedback to management eliminating the need for paper, writing or talking.  Moreover, reducing staff involvement.  Every business and organization collects feedback- why not have it accessible and automated?”, added Trish Robichaud.

Curated by (Lifekludger)
Read full article at Source: Disability Awareness Advocate Trish Robichaud Launches Innovative Web-based Accessibility Solutions Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments

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