Reader Writes: Another alternative for a touch mouthstick

Overcoming the “touch barrier”

I received a message the other day from a reader … in ….

Michael writes:

Please see the attached [link for] pencil tops or stick tops – or whatever you’re having yourself – tops.

I have been using something similar from the same website for some time.  They are effectively novelty pencils, or novelty stylus pencils.  I am sure they are still  on the website somewhere .

I believe this is done by simply using carbonised rubber, and I carry the necessary small charge to mine because it’s mounted on an aluminium mouth stick.  The aluminium I use comes from twelve mil sport arrows.  Which I buy in my local sports shop.

It’s important that you choose aluminium and specify aluminium if looking for arrows, because others tend to be made of carbon fibre and will snap or crush if you attempt to shape them in any way.

Anyway I hope this link help somes people out, I haven’t tried these things myself – but the novelty stylus pencil that I use instead – it actually comes apart and I just used the outside skin – works fairly well.  Although it could be doing with being a bit finer point.

Keep it low tech.

Michael also makes a good point about the use of appropriate technology – his mantra fitting well with Lifekludger ideals :

And keep it low tech.  My mantra – repairable with chewing gum, tape, string and paper clips.  If it doesn’t answer the easily repairable checklist I use, it doesn’t get used.  Otherwise technology dictates how I  live, rather than aids and appliances facilitating how I want to live.

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