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Via Email – On 10 May 2013 15:58, MS writes:

Hi! Just came across your blog while doing some research for a stylus for my 8 year old. He has severe cerebral palsy, but is just starting to use a mouth stylus to access the ipad.

I was thinking that maybe a head stylus would be better…but noticed you use the mouth. Can I ask why???



I tried a head pointer early on (like 25years ago) and a dentist fitted moulded mouth grip for a stick back then too.

I’d say the #1 reason I use a mouthstick is it’s the least intrusive to my life and it also offers most independence.

eg: I don’t require assistance to start using it, unlike a head pointer or fitted mouth device where I’d need someone to put it on and take it off and I’d be figuratively “tied” to the thing.

With my mouthstick, it sits in its holder (an upturned piston) on my accessible desk and I roll up to the desk whenever I choose, take the stick and use it as long as I choose and put it down and roll away again as I choose.

Things will obviously be different with different people obviously but its more about fitting the correct device to your lifestyle and not the other way around. Life context along with ability is all important. High tech. isn’t always better tech. Look for appropriate technology.

Good luck with your journey.

Dave – Lifekludger

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