Lifekludger Quick Links: Hand Stylus; Voice Activated Alarm Clock

The Hand Stylus
hand stylus 640 02 The Hand Stylus Review
The Hand Stylus is a kickstarter-funded project.
It has a retractable stylus tip.
The tip rotates automatically to prevent wearing on one side.

ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock

Can speak to it
Able to understand more than 30 simple voice commands
Touchscreen capabilities and volume adjustment
5” LED display, a selection of soothing sleep sounds, 6 alternative alarms and a built-in thermostat.

Keys U See keyboard
A standard keyboard – 104 keys including 10 key, function keys and hot keys
Keys are yellow and all letters, numbers and symbols enlarged as big as the key will allow.
Connects via USB.
Limited Mac functionality for OS 9.0 or newer (letters and numbers work, no hot keys).
Good for visual impairments.


One thought on “Lifekludger Quick Links: Hand Stylus; Voice Activated Alarm Clock

  1. In the past, Braille materials were produced by a Braille slate and stylus or a Brailler (Braille typewriter). The slate and stylus was the first method developed to produce Braille. The slate is a hinged device which has holes in the upper part and indentions in the lower part. The stylus is a pen with a small, rounded point about the size of the tip of a ball-point pen at one end. The paper is inserted in between the two parts of the slate, and the stylus is used to press each individual dot into the paper. The holes in the top part of the slate ensure uniform spacing, and the indentions in the lower part ensure uniform height of the embossed dots. The writer works from right to left (backwards), so that the Braille will be read from left to right when the Braille paper is removed from the slate.

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