You Can Do Astronomy – Accessible Astronomy

Noreen Grice is the Founder and President of You Can Do Astronomy LLC. She’s an astronomy educator who is determined to make the universe more accessible for everyone and reaching more people about options for sharing the wonders of the night sky through mobility, non-visual, non-verbal communication and non-hearing access and in developing specialized environments for neurological disorders such as autism spectrum disorder.

She has written a new book entitled, “Everyone’s Universe: A Guide to Accessible Astronomy Places (second edition)”. It’s a book which is part educator guide and part travel guide.

You can find out more about Accessible Astronomy at and a video below.

Thanks to a series of Braille books on astronomy, being blind or visually impaired isn’t a road block to understanding and appreciating the cosmos. The author of the books is Noreen Grice, a woman who’s made it her life’s mission to give everyone access to the universe. In her latest collaboration with NASA, ‘Touch the Invisible Sky’ introduces the concept of multiwavelength astronomy to give us the complete picture of the origin and evolution of nearby and distant worlds.

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