Testing MacJournal for blogging

Update: That seemed to work.. once I got ftp of image uploading sorted out.
I like how I can edit and re-post (called Share in Journal)

Let’s try some multimedia.


Ok. So because MacJournal didn’t ilk,e ‘<‘ charac her I used wp_youtube plugin which uses ‘[‘ to specify youtube video id. Works good.

Hi.. I’m test MacJournal for blog editing on a WordPress blog.

This is a heading… well a bold formatted section in larger type.

Here’s an image, I hope:


It was drag/dropped from my desktop then resized to 25% via a right-click.

Here’s another, full-sized. It’s from the sewing machine my grandmother bought in 1973 (update: it was huge, so I resized toy 50%.. that didn’t work. Might need try deleting and re inserting


Let’s try a link…

Belkin : Wemo

A link I dragged straight from Safari.

Now.. let’s try post this.


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