Govcamp Queensland 2012

govcampqld image
GovCamp provides a space for those inside and outside of government to share innovative ideas, initiatives and experiences relating to the use of social and technology solutions, and to find opportunities to collaborate.
This is a place to hold my bits from Govcamp Queensland event, held March 3rd 2012 at The Edge, Brisbane, Queensland.
Event twitter hashtag #govcampqld
  • Slides from my keynote presentation can be seen on Slideshare here : Link or
  • Powerpoint format stack here : Link
  • Video of my talk on Inversion + Connectedness = Resilience : Link
  • Audio (mp3) of my presentation : Link
  • All recorded video: Link
  • RSS podcast feed (audio) : Link
  • My twitter list of govcampqld ppl : Link
  • Some Flickr photos : Link




"Connectedness is a state of being" David Wallace



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