Lifekludger on ABC Radio – Second life, disability & education





A couple months back I was contacted to see if I could give some input for an ABC Radio National program segment on Second life, disability and education.

My input was focused around barriers to access to technology generally and from my Lifekludger perspective. Also touched on the importance of technology for people living with disability and a little from how I experience Second life use.


Play / Download here (13:28 min; 6.52 Mb)

Show synopsis:

Second life, disability and education
We hear more and more about virtual worlds: cyber islands like Second Life where you can indeed lead an entire second life, just sitting at a computer while your avatar roams around having adventures. Now educators are starting to take a closer look at these technologies. For one thing, virtual universities would be a lot cheaper to build and run. There are also great creative possibilities for students and teachers, as long as everyone is able to get in through the virtual doors. Annie Hastwell reports.

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