iPad/iPhone Capacitive Stylus Roundup


Over on the “Cool Quirks” blog, there’s a good post on stylus pens for iPad/iPhone etc.

It gives a good general look at “7 of the Best iPad Stylus Pens of 2011“.

It has good photo’s too which is helpful info. for any kludgers needing something to modify. One thing I wish reviewers, and moreso retailers, of these stylus pens would include is dimensions… especially length.

Stylus covered are:

  • Boxwave iPad Stylus
  • Boxwave Mini Capacitive Stylus
  • Hard Candy iPad Stylus And Ballpoint Pen Combo
  • The Pogo Sketch Stylus
  • Mi-Stylus
  • Capacitive Styra by BoxWave

(dunno how they figure that’s 7)

Head over to Cool Quirks for a good comparison overview.

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