Apple keyboard & touch pad tray

combine 2.png

The Combine collective is a group of like minded artists working together to achieve a common goal.

They have come out with these stylish keyboard trays, designed to combine the mac wireless keyboard and trackpad into one clean unit.

It occurred to me that this idea could be good for people requiring a way of holding these in place, say if they have dexterity problems. Sure there’s cheaper alternatives (I use blue-tak) but for the design conscious these look great.

They are made from whole and solid-joined hardwoods, water based glue, and a food safe oil finish and every aspect of the tray’s design and production is sustainable.

They offer a left handed and a right handed version.

9 thoughts on “Apple keyboard & touch pad tray

  1. Nice! I just bought one of those little BT keyboards and a magic mouse. I was in two minds about the mouse and very nearly bought a trackpad, I kve the wooden finnish on this tray, which would make it easy to use with the keyboard on my couch.

    I was really impressed on the train ride home when I took the keyboard out to find it already had batteries, Turned it on, pulled out the iPod Touch and was typing up my notes.

    Now if only the Magic mouse and Magic track pad worked on the iPod Touch.

  2. Yeh they all have BT, thats how I was able to use the keyboard with it on the train. I was just saying if would be great if the Magic Mouse and Track pad also worked on the iPod Touch.

    BT is great for listening in the car too, once paired it automatically switches output from headphones to Car stereo when ever I get in the car.

  3. so are you saying that the magic mouse and trck pad dont work with the ipod touch because of no bt/stack support on the ipods? Do they work with the iphone?

  4. I ended up buying a laptop. One of the *minor* reasons being it would keep the keyboard and mouse steady and together.

    Now I guess I don’t have that excuse. I hadn’t thought of blu tak

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