Sonamba Wellbeing Monitor for Independence


Sonamba is an easy-to-use, stand-alone device designed to enhance caregiving for seniors or people who need a little assistance living on their own.

Sonamba can send and receive messages, track normal activity patterns and warn of any changes. It provides medication and appointment reminders, and it even calls caregivers or emergency numbers.

Anyone with a cell phone can monitor the system. Caregivers are the first to know when something is wrong. For example, if one of your parents forgets to take a medication, you’ll get a text message right away. Then you can give them a call to check in and make sure everything’s okay..

Sonamba has A Wellbeing Monitor, Personal Emergency Response System, Automated Medication Reminders, and Social Communications. As well as acting as a Digital Photo Frame.

As far as I can tell this device is only available in USA at present time, having only just been released to the market. However expect to see an increasing number of these monitoring type lifestyle devices that make clever use of the Internet, GPS and Mobile technologies to support independent living.

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