Context Redux

Doc Searls Weblog · Context is King

“What matters is context. I’m tired of having companies guess at what my context is. I know what my contexts are. I know how they change. I want my own ways of changing contexts, and of informing services of what those contexts are. In some cases I don’t mind their guessing. In a few I even appreciate it. But in too many cases their guesses only get in the way. The Google search case is just one of them.”

What underlines Doc’s experience is this issue of control.

Anyway, seeing Doc write about this got me thinking about what I was hung up on when I wrote back in 2005:

“These different modes we operate in. This is our context and this is what is getting me hung up about attention. Attention only measures what we look at not why we are.”

Assumptions sap our ability to control what is ours.


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