Conductive Touch Capable Mouthstick from a Japanese “Liver” (Reader)

A couple weeks ago I received a tweet from @yukitake99 that he found Lifekludger blog helpful and he was going to try make a mouthstick for iPhone. Seems he’d been looking at some of the stuff I’d been sharing about the “Touch Barrier” and ways to work around it.


It’s always a buzz to make contact with a person who gets something out of what you do. @yukitake99 lives in Japan and has quadriplegia. So it was nice to get some feedback from across that side of the planet about Lifekludger.

And true to his word, the other day I got another tweet that he’d made the mouthstick, using the conductive foam idea blogged here, and adapted it to his use.


He also shot through a picture of it with his tweet and pointed me to a video he shot using it, both which I share below.


Well done. Thanks @yukitake99

If you would like to contact me on twitter, you can reach me as @dnwallace

5 thoughts on “Conductive Touch Capable Mouthstick from a Japanese “Liver” (Reader)

  1. That’s great to get such feedback from your visitors. Seems to work well.

    Does this mean you’ll be getting one of those shiney new iPhones?

    Looking forward to the iOS4 update for the iPod Touch later today.

    1. Hi mate. I’ve just got some conductive foam from someone I know and am gong to experiment. I also need a stick thats pen length as well as a long one before I can commit to any capacitive touch device. I’ve extended a Pogo Ketch stylus and now need see how it goes and if I can live with that and ensure ongoing supply then I’ll hopefully go with the iPhone 4. Will document more as it happens.

  2. hi there,
    I found this works GREAT for everyone because if we can get yukitake’s stick or some conductive form variations, we can touch iPhone/iPad’s capacitor based UI glass without remaining our oily fingerprint. What an idea, what an innovation! Thanks, Yukitake. -tk

  3. yukitake99,

    Nice job on the capacitive tipped mouthstick. I’m a high-level quadriplegic and I just purchased an iPhone 4S so I’m looking at modifying my mouthstick to work with the touchscreen. One thing I wasn’t sure about in your video is where you are connecting with the conductive foam. Do you have a wire that runs from the foam to your mouth piece or what?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi there.

      Yes the wire needs to touch skin. I ran it from the conductive tip to my mouth so my lips go on it when holding the stick.

      Conductive foams not the best. Works better when moist.

      Good luck.

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