Dagi Transparent Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

Isn’t it interesting how we are seeing more and more uses where there’s a need for a stylus on these capacitive touch screens? Just when everyone thinks Steve Jobs has liberated them to the freedom of the finger, it seems we aren’t so free after all and that maybe other forms of pointing can be useful.

So now we have another kludge to workaround capacitive-only screens.

And the latest entrant to the stylus scene is Dagi Stylushttp___www.dagi.com.tw_.jpg.

This stylus touts itself as the “first patent protected transparent capacitive touch panel stylus / Pen”. And it does indeed have a transparent, firm end, as opposed to things like the Pogo stylus that uses a softer spongy like material.

I’m surmising that the plastic material on these Dagi stylus pens is, like other type pens., a conductive material, allowing the transmission of touch from the skin holding the stylus through down to the screen. The fact the body of the stylus is metallic, like the pogo and others, also would support this theory.

The large area that the stylus presents at the screen end of the Dagi is testament to the design of these capacitive screens that have better response when the area in contact is larger and thereby covering more pickup points in the screen (just like a human finger).

What I’d desperately like to know is if this transparent material is a good enough conductor that a mouthstick could be made entirely from it, without the metal body, and if it would convey enough sensation to activate the screen.

In any sense, the fact that people are developing and expanding supply these different types of stylus means that there is a growing potential for working around the accessibility barrier these devices can bring.

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