Soft Sock Stylus for Touch screens

Over on Instructables is how to make a stylus out of anti-static socks for use on capacitive type touch screen devices – ala iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad etc. The stylus was the creation of dsLabs.

Looks neat, but not sure I’d want to put this sock stylus in my mouth for use as a Mouthstick!

DIY Soft iPhone and iPad Stylus from adam kumpf on Vimeo.
Soft iPhone and iPad StylusMore DIY How To Projects

2 thoughts on “Soft Sock Stylus for Touch screens

  1. Looks like you might be much closer to finding the elusive mouthstick! And besides you note the sock doesn’t have to come all the way up the stick. L.

    1. Actually Lloyd, wouldn’t it need to come right up to touch the skin? As far as I can still it still uses conduction, no?

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