Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

  • Just discovered John Callahan thru this vid : – Instant affinity! [sensibility warning] #
  • In bed, watching Black Adder … Darling #
  • @mpesce @trib So what's the term for the person who's reader/writer? pfkata? in reply to mpesce #
  • @fang Wish I was there … in reply to fang #
  • Run outta things to listen to. Looking for new podcast adventures to listen to. #
  • Installing Win7 on Virtualbox on Mac … because I can πŸ™‚ #
  • Lifekludger New post: Wireless door access TI watch #
  • The hard to find missing words "under the VirtualBox VM menu go to Devices and install Guest Additions. " Thnx #
  • @VinceOZ Working good under Sun Virtualbox so far. in reply to VinceOZ #
  • Lifekludger New post: Wireless door access TI watch #
  • Someone got me to be watching China Beach again .. bringing up all kinds of thoughts, feelings .. haunting. You bugga Jen πŸ™‚ #
  • Playing [successfully] with Win7 on Virtualbox – If there's one reason why I'd defect to Win7, it'd be LiveWriter. #
  • @mpesce By sound of it tethering is one thing that is done better with oz comms carriers than the US in reply to mpesce #
  • Hmmm… #
  • @delin Correct Andy, it's Win(generic) in reply to delin #
  • Listening to RanchoCast : RT @kentnewsome: New Blog Post: RanchoCast 02/01/10: #
  • @fang Showing off what? A 5 second table glance? Or was it the Shozu/ biz that was the point? in reply to fang #
  • at glenelg foreshoe w the boy #
  • Watching FlossWeekly on TWiT and see this that @fang might like #
  • Lifekludger New post: iTouch iStick iKludge #
  • Photohunt. yesah.. πŸ™‚ #
  • In Horizontal HQ awaiting wc repairs … #
  • Mmmm .. wheels are back. Freedom again. (things are relative folks) #
  • So, apparently http://to. is a url shortner and http://to./iu6 should go to Lifekludger #
  • @scenariogirl Depends where each celebrity falls on the net worth:media scale eh? in reply to scenariogirl #
  • Booking Fringe Tickets … #
  • @cait would be into this at the Fringe "STEAMPUNK BALL ~ THE MAIDEN FLIGHT OF THE OLYMPIA: 27 FEB, 13 MAR" #
  • Oh, looky there … The new facebook layout looks just like a Blog! #
  • Cool: "Singapore: University + Twitter = Twuniversity | Laurel Papworth" #
  • @Tarale Fantastic work! in reply to Tarale #

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