Blow scrolling

Blowing into the Zyxio SensaWaft
Blowing into the Zyxio SensaWaft

Wired Gadget Lab has the full report on a breath-enabled interface recently shown at CES. To scroll blow steadily. To click, blow a forceful puff.

Using ‘suck, puff, blow’ switches is nothing new in the area of  Assistive Technology but seeing them developed as alternative options for ‘mainstream’ Joe Public is.

Wired thinks that “The popularity of touchscreens has led human computer interaction beyond the traditional mouse and keyboard”.

I don’t know about that, but a lot of these different methods of input I find are being developed around the booming gaming sector. As seems the case with this device as the manufacturer, Zyxio, says among the first products to use it will be a gaming headset.

Read Full report at Wired: To Scroll, Take a Deep Breath and Blow

Zyxio SensaWaft

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